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Library Services

Course Reserves

The reserve service in the library assists faculty by making more readily available those resources which multiple students must use intensively for a short period of time or repeatedly throughout the semester.  Resources placed on reserve by instructors may be marked as in-library use only or specified with one-, three-night or one-week check out privileges.


  1. Faculty must request resources owned by the library and personal materials to be placed on reserveby filling out a Reserve Materials Request Form for each item. The faculty member will specify the loan period and reserve duration. 
  2. All materials placed on reserve must adhere to the publisher’s copyright laws.
  3. The library has the right to limit the number of items placed in course reserves based on space, usage, cost, and availability. The library does not place periodicals or Interlibrary Loan materials on reserve.  


Students may access the course reserves by asking for the item at the front desk.  The professor designates the circulation policy of the resource.  Some resources are for library use only while others may be checked out daily or weekly.    

Textbook Reserves

Textbooks on Reserve 

There is a service provided for students where core textbooks are available for in library use only. These textbooks can be used for up to two hours at a time.