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Install Microsoft Word Plugin

To install the MS Word plug in:

  1. Open Mendeley Desktop
  2. Select Tools from the toolbar
  3. Choose Install MS Word Plugin

Once installed, the plugin will be available every time you open a Word Document.

Citation Styles

Major citation styles including APA, MLA, andChicago, are available in Mendeley.

To view, add, or create your own citation style select View --> Citation Style --> More Stylesfrom your Mendeley desktop.

Insert Citations and Create Bibliography

Insert a citation

Once the citation plugin has been installed, citations can easily be added to documents in many word processing systems.  To insert a citation using Microsoft Word:

  1. Place you cursor exactly where the citation will be used.
  2. Select the References tab and locate the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic options.
  3. Click the Insert Citation button and search for references by author, title, or year from your library.  References can also be added from groups.
  4. After a reference has been selected, click OK.  The reference will appear in your selected area.
  5. After a citation has been inserted, you may change the citation style using the drop down box titled Style.

Create a Bibliography

After at least one citation has been added to your document, select the Insert Bibliography option to add the bibliography.  If more citations are added, click theRefresh option to update the bibliography.

Generating Citations With Mendeley