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Literature & Language Research Starter

Welcome To The Literature And Language Research Starter

Welcome to the Literature & Language Arts subject guide
This guide offers resources on Literature and Language 

  • Use the Books tab to browse print and digital books in the LETU collection
  • Use the Articles tab to search databases for scholarly articles
  • Use the Websites tab for suggested websites for further study
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Where to Find Literature and Language Books in the Library Stacks

Most of the Literature and Language materials will be located within the call range of P - PZ.

PA        Greek/Latin Language and Literature

PB        Modern/Celtic Languages

PC        Romance Languages

PD        Germanic/Scandinavian Languages

PE        English Language

PF        West Germanic Languages

PG       Slavic/Baltic/Albanian Languages

PH       Uralic/Basque Languages

PJ        Oriental Languages and Literatures

PK        Indo-Iranian Languages and Literatures

PL        Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PM       Hyperborean, India, and Artificial Languages

PN       Literature - General

PQ       French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese Literature

PR       English Literature

PS       American Literature

PT       German/Dutch/Scandinavian Literature

PZ       Fiction and Juvenile

Be sure to check out our Student Selections, as well!

Recommended Titles