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Hoonuit is an online technology training and professional development tool for educators.  It delivers on-demand technology training on the use of computer applications, technology integration, and professional development.  Get answers to many of your "how do I do that?" questions about 200+ programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Blackboard, APA Style, and 3D printing.  


Finding what you are looking for in the Hoonuit training library is quick and easy with our Search capabilities.

  • Enter one or more keywords.
  • Use the optional advanced filters to narrow the results of your search. For example, if you know what application, topic or category you are searching for choose an option from the appropriate menu.
  • Click Search to view results.
  • If you don’t find what you are looking for, try a different keyword or remove filters.
  • The search results are defaulted by series; you can also sort by tutorial title. You can sort by Series Title or Application by clicking the arrows below the headers. Results will include any tutorials, workshops, or projects which contain the criteria you have searched for.


Workshops focus on the effective application of technology and are both student-focused and pedagogical. Access a list of topics by checking ‘Workshops’ under ‘Categories’.


Hoonuit offers tech integration projects that can be used as-is to quickly integrate technology into courses, or easily adapted to a particular subject-area or skill level. Access a full list by checking ‘Projects’ under ‘Categories’.


Hoonuit offers a complete training library of show-and-tell training tutorials on over 250 of the most common applications. Access the complete tutorial library by checking ‘How-To Tutorials’ under ‘Categories’.


As you search for tutorials, you’ll notice a gray star icon next to each tutorial. Clicking the star or ‘Add to Favorites’ when viewing a tutorial will add the tutorial to your Favorites list.

  • To view a Favorite tutorial, click the tutorial title.
  • To view a series, click the series title.
  • To collapse an application list, click its title.
  • To remove a Favorite, click the trash can icon.

My Training

The ‘My Training’ area includes your Assigned or Recommended Training, and Assessments. The options that you see here will depend on your user role and subscription.


Assigned training can include a variety of resources provided to you by the site administrator or training you’ve assigned to yourself.

  • Each assignment shows the due date, your progress and a link to the training.
  • To view your assigned training, click the assignment name or ‘View’.
  • Once the assignment is opened, view other assigned tutorials by clicking the ‘Tutorial Playlist’ button in the player window.
  • If you assigned the training to yourself, you will also see the trash can icon.



Recommended training contains resources that the site administrator wants to call out to the users, but is not requiring.

  • To view a tutorial, click its title.
  • To remove a tutorial from the list, click the trash can icon.
  • To create an assignment from a recommended item, click the book icon in the right column.


The assessments area lists assessments that have been assigned to you.

  • Click on the assignment name, which will take you to the assessment.
  • The information is also a clickable link, which will take you to a page with more information about the assessment.
  • You can view progress, including your score, by clicking the Show Completed button.

My Campus Training

If your institution’s subscription includes custom training, you’ll find that training on the Custom Training tab. This training is uploaded by site administrators and is often used to share important documents, videos and other resources specific to your institution.

Featured Training & Resources

The Featured Training & Resources area at the bottom of the home screen is updated regularly to provide inspiration and highlight new content. You can go to the series page by clicking on the “See more on this topic” button or simply close the window to return to the home screen. 


Spotlights provide a structured training path so you can quickly find workshops, projects and tutorials related to a focused topic. Each Spotlight includes a brief introductory video. Start by viewing this topic overview, and then simply follow the steps on the right of the page to learn how to apply the topic.