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Quantitative Research and Analysis

Key Resources

Agriculture Census (U.S. Census Bureau)
American Community Survey (U.S. Census Bureau)
American Housing Survey (U.S. Census Bureau)
Aviation Statistics (Federal Aviation Administration)


[Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces] Vital Statistics of the United States (NCHS)
Bureau of Labor Statistics


Census Bureau
Best starting place for census data
Census - American FactFinder
Basic data and census maps, 2000-current
Census Bureau Publications in PDF
Most major Census Bureau statistical series are available, usually for recent years only
Census - Historical Census Basic Data 1990-2000
1990-2010. Data for all states (University of Missouri)
Census - Historical Census Data in PCL
Print and other census data in PCL, 1790-present
Centers for Disease & Control and Prevention
City Population Estimates (Census Bureau)
City Rankings (Kiplinger)
City Rankings - Largest Cities and other City Rankings (CityMayors)
City Rankings - Populations Greater than 300,000 - Census 2000 (Demographia)
Climate Data (National Climatic Data Center)
City data includes per capita and household income, median home values, driving time to work, etc.
Condition of Education (National Center for Education Statistics)
Consumer Price Index
County and City Data Book (University of Virginia Library)
County Business Patterns (Census Bureau)
Crime Statistics - Bureau of Justice Statistics and their Publications (use Internet Explorer)
Crime Statistics - Colleges and Universities (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Crime Statistics (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)
Crime Statistics - Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Crime Statistics - Uniform Crime Reports (FBI)
Current Index to Statistics Database
Keyword searchable bibliographic database
Current Industrial Reports (Census Bureau)
Demographic Briefs (Demographia)
For U.S. States, Cities, Counties, Metro Areas, etc.
Demographic Maps (PolicyMap)
Digest of Education Statistics


Economagic Data Collections
Links to 100,000 economic data files. A good place to find historical time series.
Census - Economy and Business Statistics (Census Bureau)
Economic Conditions - RECON Database (FDIC)
Data by County, MSA and State
Economic Data - Regional (EconData.Net)
Economic Data - FRED (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Economic Indicators (GPO Access)
Economic Indicators - Consumer Price Index (BLS)
Economic Indicators - Gross Domestic Product (BEA)
Economic Indicators - National Economic Accounts (BEA)
Including Gross Domestic Product, Supplemental Estimates, Personal Income and Outlays, Corporate Profits, Fixed Assets and Government Current Receipts and Expenditures
Economic Indicators - Producer Price Index (BLS)
Economic Statistics (Census Bureau)
Education Statistics - Condition of Education, 1989-2008
Education Statistics - Digest of Education Statistics
Education Statistics - School Districts and Individual Schools (SchoolMatters)/a>
Education Statistics - Search for Publications of the National Center for Education Statistics
Employment Cost Index (BLS)
Employment - Local Area Employment and Unemployment (BLS)
Employment - Weekly Unemployment Claims Report (DOL)
Environmental Data (EPA)
Equal Employment Opportunity Data
Estimates and Projections - Population (Census Bureau)
Exports and Imports by State (Census Bureau)
Exports by State (U.S. International Trade Administration)


Federal Procurement Data (U.S. GSA)
Statistics from more than 70 U.S. Government agencies


Glossary of Social Science Computing and Data Terms (Jim Jacobs/UCSD)
Hundreds of links arranged into broad subject areas
Gross Domestic Product (BEA)


Health Statistics (National Center for Health Statistics)
Health: United States, 2007
Health Insurance Data (Census Bureau)
Highway Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)
Historical Statistics (Census Bureau)
Includes links to older volumes of "Statistical Abstracts" and "Historical Statistics of the United States"
Housing - New Construction (Census Bureau)
Housing - New Residential Sales (Census Bureau)
Housing Starts and Building Permits (Census Bureau)


Immigration - Data and Statistics (Department of Homeland Security)
Immigration - Statistics (Department of Homeland Security)
Immigration - Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (Department of Homeland Security)
Income Data (Census Bureau)
Income Data - Local Area Personal Income (BEA)
Income Tax Data (Brookings Institution)
Data by city, county, state, metro area, zip code and congressional district, 1997-2005
IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series) 1850-2000 (University of Minnesota)
Internet - Statistics [E-Stats] (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
E-Commerce statistics
Internet Advertising Revenue (IAB)


Labor Statistics (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Labor - Equal Employment Opportunity Data (Census 2000)
Life Tables - U.S. Decennial Life Tables (CDC)
Literacy - State and County Data (NCES)


Manufacturing - Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (Economagic)
Manufacturing - Current Industrial Reports (Census Bureau)
Mexican Migration Project Databases (University of Pennsylvania)
Migration Data and Reports (Census 2000)
Federal Procurement Report (U.S. GSA)
Military - Personnel Statistics(
Monetary Statistics (Federal Reserve)


National Center for Health Statistics
National Income and Product Account Tables (University of Virginia)
Newspaper Statistics (Readership Institute)


Polls - PollingReport
Population Estimates and Projections (Census Bureau)
Population Index
Indexes information of interest to demographers. The entire database for 1986-1997 is available online and can be searched by author, subject matter, geographical region and year of publication.
Population Reference Bureau
Poverty Data (Census Bureau)
Producer Price Index


Religion Statistics (
Religious Membership in the U.S. (Demographia)
Retail Sales (Census Bureau)


Salaries by Metro Area, State and Region and Occupation (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Social Security - Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics
Links to statistical sources formerly in STAT-USA
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book (Census Bureau)
State Personal Income (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Statista aggregates statistical data on over 600 international industries from more than 18,000 sources, including market researchers, trade organizations, scientific journals, and government databases.
Statistical Abstract of the United States - 1878-2011
Statistical Abstract of the United States - 2012
Statistics Textbook Online (StatSoft)
Survey of Current Business (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)


Tariff and Trade DataWeb (U.S. International Trade Commission)
Trade Statistics (International Trade Administration)
Trade Statistics - Exports from Metro Areas 2013 (U.S. International Trade Administration)
Trade Statistics - National Trade Data (U.S. International Trade Administration)
Trade Statistics - U.S. Foreign Trade Statistics (Census Bureau)
Trade Statistics - USA Trade Online (PCL users, ask at Information and Research Help Desk)
Transportation Statistics - National Transportation Statistics (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) and Home Page
Unemployment Data (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


United States - Digital Atlas (William Bowen)
Maps depict population, race, ancestry, citizenship, income, poverty and adult educational attainment
U.S. Population Clock (Census Bureau)
USA Trade Online [trade statistics] 


Vital and Health Statistics Advance Data
Vital and Health Statistics Series (CDC)
Vital Statistics Data Available Online) (CDC)
Vital Statistics of the United States 1896-recent (CDC)